TheSecretBluebird is a self-empowerment project designed by international motivational speaker, Christopher Gutierrez, to give understanding through the relationship experience of others. Through articles, interviews, and videos, our goal is to help all of us feel connected through our frustrations, failures, missteps, and happiness. With humor and extreme vulnerability, we expose our secrets and scars to educate through the mistakes and successes of those who came before us. While we don’t have all of the answers – our community of writers are here to give you the tools to help navigate the messy and oftentimes painful journey of dating and relationships.

Effective communication tactics, what ruins dates, how we sabotage love, how to nurture love, how to decode irrational and inconsistent behavior, how to identify red flags, and the secrets of happy couples will all be identified and addressed through stories and struggles from the experienced.

We are your best friend and your bitter ex. We are your high school crush and your future lover. And our desire is to educate you through story and narrative so that ultimately, you can allow as much happiness into your life as possible. Because we believe anyone who works toward happiness, deserves happiness.

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